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Upholstery Cleaning Service

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Safe upholstery cleaning service for your family.
Trust our upholstery cleaners team with your furniture cleaning needs. Our service is totally safe for you and your family. Our procedures are compatible with any kind of furniture – sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and more.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

Furniture Cleaning – Safe for your family!

When it comes to asking for professional cleaning services, it is not just the floors that need more care and is difficult to clean on your own. Soft furnishings cleaning such as sofas, armchairs, chairs and even curtains can be a challenge for the householder, therefore, we recommend using a professional upholstery cleaner’s services. We provide individually tailored deep upholstery or furniture cleaning services.

Our professional upholstery cleaning process is:

1. First, we perform a pre-cleaning analysis to decide precisely what chemicals and instruments for the particular tapestry are needed.
2. We will professionally vacuum your upholstery using a twin motor high-filtration vacuum cleaner specially designed for advanced high precision cleaning.
3. Apply a pre-spray detergent which will decompose all dirt that is stuck in the depths of your upholstery’s fibers.
4. For our solution to work better we then brush the upholstery to ensure that all dirt is decomposed and all germs, bacteria and viruses are destroyed.
5. Apply steam cleaning procedure using our professional equipment provided by the Mytee. Our machine injects hot steam into your upholstery using very high pressure. The steam helps to dissolve the dirt and kills any harmful bacterias and viruses. Immediately after the steam is injected the machine suck everything back into its dirt water tank.
6. We then check the results and invite the customer to inspect the service. If there are any remaining stains we can treat them with specialized chemicals depending on the stain’s nature, colour or odour.
7. If we are happy with the results and the client is completely satisfied with our cleaning we apply anti-bacterial aroma spray.

Upholstery Cleaning Prices:

TypeSizeStandard ServiceAdd Stain Protector (for standard service)Exclusive Service
Sofa (L Shape)Two Seats£45 (£55)£25 (£30)£78
Sofa (L Shaped)Three Seats£55 (£75)£30 (£35)£98
Sofa (L Shaped)Four Seats£75 (£95)£35 (£50)£138
Sofa (L Shaped)Five Seats£95 (£120)£50 (£60)£178
Office ChairN/A£17£10£30
Dining Chair N/A£14£7£20

*Minimum charge – £55 for Standard Service (if a booking’s total price is below £55 this charge applies)

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Due to various reasons, you would not be able to achieve good results on your own:

  • difficult to reach areas
  • stubborn stains and marks
  • colour fading and shading
  • the constant exposure to food and moisture in combination with the dust and daily wear
  • fabrics that are difficult to treat with at-home tools and materials

Steam cleaning is an effective and popular method for upholstery cleaning.

Due to our powerful equipment, we are able to deliver the results you desire within a fraction of the time. The time when upholstery usually dries will be much shorter too. The upholstery cleaner will advise you how you can speed up the process of drying.

Your furniture could be easily worn out with time, especially when it is frequently used by you, your children or friends. It would be a good decision to consider using upholstery cleaning services in Manchester.

There are so many nasty things that you could avoid when you regularly clean your furniture like dirt, pet stains, germs, and mites. All those things that might cause allergies and health problems. And this could easily happen when you do not pay attention to regular sofa cleaning.

The equipment and the products that are usually used for upholstery cleaning should not bother you as an issue. We use detergents that are strong enough to clean the most stubborn stains, but also are safe enough they will not cause any damage to your family, pets or furniture. Our upholstery cleaners can clean the toughest stains like – paint, makeup, wine, food, and many many others. (when providing sofa cleaning service for example)


What is included in the price for Upholstery Cleaning Service:

 Basic ServiceExclusive Service
Pre-cleaning Analysis
Vacuum with a twin motor high-filtration
Apply a pre-spray detergent
Steam cleaning procedure
Stain Analysis
Stain Treatment (free of charge)
Apply Stain Protector (Free of charge)
Apply Aroma (Free of charge)
Parking Charges included

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